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Muruga wants Mahesh dates again 

Director Murugadass has showered rich praises upon Mahesh Babu for his dedication and sincerity towards work.

I was bowled over by Mahesh’s dedication. After working for so many days on the film, he is still ready to give more dates if needed.

“Spyder happened only because of Mahesh Babu. Without him, this would not have been bilingual.

This is the first time for me to direct a bilingual and I am lucky to have Mahesh as the main lead.


This film is going to be a sure shot blockbuster and the entire credit for the success should go to one and only Mahesh,” Murugadoss said.

“I have been waiting for the opportunity to work with him for many years. I wanted to remake Ghajini and Tupaki movies with him, but that didn’t materialize.

Finally, we came together for Spyder and this film will definitely reach expectations.



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