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When Munna Bhai cried for 4 days

Sanjay Dutt popularly called as Munna Bhai did not cry when his mother Nargis died of cancer.  He was in the shooting of a film and he did not cry knowing this. Later in his life, he was admitted for drugs rehabilitation.

At this point in time, Sanjay’s father, Sunil Dutt who was a film star and Congress politician sent tapes of his mother to the rehab centre so that Sanjay changes for the good. Sanjay heard the tapes where his mother wanted him to change and respect the elders.
    When Munna Bhai cried for 4 days
Sanjay was involved in doing drugs, drugs peddling, arms deal so on and so forth. He was also involved with several women.
But as soon as he heard his mother Nargis voice in the rehab centre he just cried and cried for 4 days and then changed his life. He stopped doing drugs and recovered from this habit. Now he suggests youth not to touch drugs.

His father was also moved when Sanjay started improving with his mother’s advice on the tape. From then on he respected the elders and now he is a changed man.

At his age, after coming out of Jail he is in demand and producers want his dates for movies.



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