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Mukesh Ambani disappointed?

Mukesh Ambani the Reliance group head honcho is disappointed that he will not be making the Mahabharata movie. It may be noted that Ambani has agreed to be the co-producer for Mahabharata being made by Aamir Khan as one of the leading characters and the finance was set to be at about Rs 1000 crore. But social Media trolls against Aamir being a Muslim has made him think twice about the film.

The Padmavat controversy is already known to the world and no one would like to buy problems after investing so much. The other reason is that Aamir and wife earlier have talked about the intolerance in India and that went against Modi and his Government. Now keeping this in mind, Aamir cannot take the risk of going ahead with Mahabharat.

Mukesh Ambani disappointed?

Three different groups were making plans for Mahabharat. One of them was Rajamouli our man from the south the maker of Baahuabli. The other is from Mohanlal the Hero with Bheema as the central character of the movie. This Mohanlal project is on track. It is learnt that a foreign company is also in the process of exploring the option of making Mahabharat.

For now, Ambani and Aamir are making a second thinking over Mahabharat. Earlier NTR the legend made movies of this king and were a great success. The serials on Mahabharat and Ramayan were also a great success on TV. Let’s hope if not Aamir somebody else would make this Movie.



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