MROs will be registrars from June 2 Political Top Stories 

MROs will be registrars from June 2

K Chandrasekhar Rao said that he has personal sentiment with Karimnagar and was happy to give cheques and passbooks to the farming community here. Whatever I start here It will be a great success and It was proved beyond doubt he explained.

The agitation for achieving Telangana was started from here he reminded.

People talked about darkness and ruled out that I do not know governance and other things. Our Man has become the already top-ranked in civils he reminded.

How can people say we are not intelligent he questioned? He reeled out various welfare measures being done by Telangana and no other state in the country is doing.

Rs 12000 crore has been earmarked for distributing it to the farmers of Telangana he explained. 6000 crore is already in the Bank and the farmers must pay them immediately he said. Now if Power goes that is news and we will be adding Kotahgudem power also he said. Irrigation water is also being increased he explained.

NAREGA should be attached to the agriculture he said and this resolution will be sent to the centre he stated. 58 lakh farmers are being benefitted by the help extended by the Government KCR announced. Central water commission is also praising out efforts KCR said. The farmers can grow three crops he stated. The CWC has approved most of out projects including Kaleshwaram he said.


We will irrigate one crore acres in the near future as we have completed many of the projects KCR explained.

He praised the efforts of FM Eetala for giving funds to various sectors in the state for the development. Congress party is bankrupt and invertors shops also downed shutter he pointed out.

The MROs will register the lands from June 2 he stated. This will be given in the pass books he stated. It will be in the Dharani website and endorsed by the Government he explained. The passbooks and registration certificates will come to your by post he informed.The farmers will have all the protection from the Government he pointed out. The Government will not sleep until the one crore acres of land is irrigated he promised.



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