Mothkupalli ready to turn Pink

Mothkupalli Narsimulu said that even after being so loyal to Chandrababu he did not bother to elevate him. Narsimlu pointed out that Chandrababu was there all the time for Revanth Reddys daughter marriage, but for his daughter’s marriage, he came very late in the evening.

He opined that KCR was bothered about the development of Dalits, while did not care about Dalits and did not do anything for Dalits. People say that now Narsimlu has no chance of becoming the Governor nor the TDP is lively in Telangana, so it is right time for him to switch over to TRS.


Now Babu is no more dealing with the BJP, so there is no chance for Narsimulu to get the so-called governors posts that he has been craving for a long time and lingering on with Babu for the same.

It is just a matter of time that Narsimhulu would join the TRS boss and turn pink for his bright future. He also praised that KCR fought for the categorisation of SCs and was sincere in toiling for the downtrodden. He opined that babu wantonly sidelined him even after being loyal to the party for several years.



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