Money is the vital vitamin-M Top Stories 

Money is the vital vitamin-M

Yes, money makes many things. The money will make everyone happy and there is any vitamin which keeps you going one can name it as Vitamin- M that is money.A survey was done in America by a professor who says that money is a vital ingredient for the life to be better and happy.

Money plays a pivotal role in life.

People generally say I have to get settled first and then I will get married. Getting settled is nothing but making good money for the family and new member that would come into the family that is wife.

Money is the vital vitamin-M

For that, you need a good job or business and all that is for the sake of money and keeping the family happy. Money plays an important role in everybody’s life.

People say satisfaction lies in understanding between wife and husband. But at one level the income also plays a vital role and everyone respects you with the income you make. If both the wife and husband earn good amount the mutual understanding can be more the latest survey says. But everything depends on the level of income and assets and the luxuries you have.



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