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Moksh not in NTR with Balakrishna

Dont get confused it is reported that Balakrishna is not taking his son Mokshagna for the upcoming cinema on the legend NTR. Yes we are talking about the NTR biopic. Some of the family members who are already actors have been selected for the movie by Balakrishna and also Teja the director.

Kalyanram and Nara Rohit will be in the NTR movie. But Moksh is not yet in the picture. We don’t know what is the real reason for that.

Even Junior NTR is not in the movie. He was not consulted or not approached or neither he approached Balayya for the same.

 Moksh not in NTR with Balakrishna

Maybe Balaiah is thinking of launching Mokh in a different movie. Even Taraka Rana is also being considered for NTR.

After Legend Moksh was supposed to be launched. He visited the sets of Legend and also worked for the movie. But so far nothing happened for Moksh. He would like to act like NTR and his son Balakrishna.

It is reported that Balaiah wanted some more fine tuning and also polishing for Moksh. He wants Moksh to be an all-rounder. Lets see when he will get the opportunity. It could be after NTR when Balaiah relatively becomes free. Like Junior NTR, Moksh is also the grandson of legend NTR and he has to prove that.



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