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Modi won’t even win Varanasi

PM Modi won’t win even Varanasi forget about winning the 2019 elections said Rahul Gandhi the Congress Chief. The United opposition will trounce the BJP very easily and the PM will not win his Varanasi he predicted. That is the power of the united opposition Rahul Gandhi said while addressing an election rally in Karnataka.

He said that the SP BSP alliance could break the winning streak of BJP and if the Congress and others come together the BJP is lost completely he said. Modi and BJP have lost track of running the country Rahul opined. Rahul said that Modi had a good opportunity to do a lot for the country but nothing has been done except for spreading hatred.

We will emerge as a front, we know how to carry people and we are not egoistic Rahul explained. You will see a new atmosphere in the country and Modi is set to lose the next election he stated.

Frankly, I don’t see the BJP and Modi winning the next elections, the Dalits and their anger will trounce the BJP he said.



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