Modi to win easily in 2019: Bloomberg Political Top Stories 

Modi to win easily in 2019: Bloomberg

The latest survey done by Bloomberg reveals that the BJP is poised to win the next election easily. The report revealed that the Congress is not that powerful to win over the BJP and the Modi mania continues across the nation.

The loss of Gorapkpur in UP and the TDP withdrawing from the NDA has made a dent into the BJP but the survey says that Modi is by far the popular and powerful leader from India in the world. Rahul is nowhere and no match for the powerful, resourceful and mighty BJP.

The so-called fronts and backs will be of no use against Modi and they will help the opposition vote getting divided among themselves. A front with Congress and a front without Congress is being formed by the political parties against Modi and this clearly indicates that the there will no single opposition against the BJP. Bloomberg survey has analysed leaders from 16 countries and about their future as rulers.

Modi to win easily in 2019: Bloomberg

In India Modi is said that rule for another two terms easily and if not Modi, the BJP will continue to rule for another 3 terms that is the result the Bloomberg survey has given. Modi domination will continue that is the survey result.

There is no charismatic leader to unite the opposition and take it forward says the survey. The BJP was in 5 states before 2014 and it is in 21 states now. They have been just winning the elections under the Modi and the Shah Jodi.

The Nation wants Modi to continue the Bloomberg survey concludes.



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