Modi turned into a Dhoni for Karnataka Political Top Stories 

Modi turned into a Dhoni for Karnataka

1. Modi the Prime Minister is still very popular among the youth.
2. Yogi Adityanaths campaigning helped the BJP very much.
3. JDS back door alignment with BJP has sent the minorities away from JDS.
4. BJP has spent money like water and the expenditure was 5 to 6 times more than that of the Congress.
5. The Minorities status to Lingayayatas boomeranged on Siddharamaiah.
6. Some minorities ignored Rahul and Congress due to the temple run staged by Rahul.
7. BJP believed in Yeddy and give him the responsibility.
8. There was no internal bickering within the party and system was clear up to the booth level.
9. Modi turned into a Dhoni in the end and gave the BJP a victory to be remembered.
10. The vokkaligas ditched Congress to a larger extent.



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