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Modi takes metro by surprise

Prime Minister Modi today boarded metro for travelling to North Delhi. He was scheduled to go for an inauguration named after Baba Saheb Ambedkar the Dalit icon. Surrounded by the SPG and NSG commandoes Modi boarded the metro to North Delhi and it was travelling with a heavy rush.

It was a sudden move and the Police had to make immediate arrangments but they could not prevent the traffic which was regular to the train. On his way, Modi obliged for selfies with the passengers. Some time Modi asked the men to give way for women. He was to go to the Alipur area which was another crowded destination.

Modi takes metro by surprise

It looked as if Modi has already started the election campaign well in advance. He was seen chatting with people. Some tried to linger on him, but the security people avoided them after some time and new ones came for the selfies.

It was seen as a good move by Modi as travelling by road he would have seen people waiting for his convoy to pass and thereby causing hardship to the regular traffic on roads. It was a train which travels underground.

The commuters were excited to see Modi on the train and no one expected to see this.



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