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Modi takes a back step

Media made Modi there is no doubt about it. The BJP survives on Media coverage in many states. Telangana is one of them where the leaders are seen regularly in the newspaper’s coverage and we cannot see them in action outside.

But for the first time, Modi tried to touch the media and rub it in the wrong way through Smriti Irani and law to stop the accreditation cards. KCR was the first man to oppose this action against the Media.

There was a severe backlash from the media. The NDA is already facing a backlash from the Dalits because of the court verdict against the interest of the Dalits. The Government tried to intervene and set the matter right through the court but the court said that the Dalits have not followed the order properly.

Modi takes a back step

Media men also said that the Government was not doing right and trying to curb the fress Freedom. Sensing all this trouble in the country, Modi does not want the media to be rubbed on the wrong side. He immediately withdrew the so-called act and law against the Media and said that the Press Council will look into the issue.

Smriti Irani the Minister also took a U turn and cajoled media by saying we will all work together against the fake news. When the things are not going well there was no need for Modi to restrict the media. Stopping of accreditations will not solve the matter. The so-called accreditations are useful for a free bus pass and rail concession. it does not help in news gathering or any other such thing.



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