Modi spoiled the economy?

An RBI report says that the country has gone backwards in terms of economy. The demonetization has spoiled the banking system and it will take a lot of time to make a come back. People have stopped going to banks and there is no money in the ATMs. A consumer survey done in 5 metros including Hyderabad revealed that all is now well with the financial system. GST is also a wrong decision taken by the Government it has been found out.

Now the BJP Government has to do a lot of course correction if it has to come back to power. The fuel prices are coming down slowly but it is not making much of a difference to the consumers. They only remember the hike. The LPG prices are almost double in the NDA regime. People don’t have cash, the system does not have cash, the ATMs have become defunct.


48 per cent people said that the financial system has failed and 40 per cent said that it has improved. This is what RBI survey says. The investment in the FDs has come down drastically. If some course correction is not done, the BJP government would land in trouble in 2019.

The Shivsena is going away from BJP. The Telugu CMs want to trounce BJP. Mamatha, Maya, Akhilesh Tejesh all want to join the Congress in trouncing the BJP. Pranabda is being dragged into politics, but his daughter says impossible.

All said and done if Modi does not mend his ways, you can say the BJP is gone. The local adjustments of the regional parties will make a lot of difference for BJP. That is the reason BJP has identified 87 seats from other areas where the BJP is traditionally not strong and they want at least 80 seats from here so that they can come to power.

Even if BJP comes to power, Modi may not be retained. The RSS is for changing the PM candidate.

u srinivas





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