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Modi -Shah summon Biplab the CM

The controversial statement-making CM Biplab from Tripura has been summoned by Prime Minister Modi and also the BJP Chief Amit Shah. Biplab will see them on May 2 according to the sources.

Biplab has advised youth not to depend on government and instead they must open shops and breed cows. He also said that the mechanical engineer was not useful for the civil services, but only Civil engineers.

Modi -Shah summon Biplab the CM
Talking at a textile show that it was a big business and they are modelling to sell the cloth. He also opined that Aishwarya was only beauty material and that Diana Hayden was not a beauty.

He suggested there should be a cow in every house. He said that internet and satellite communication was there during the period of Mahabharat. He apologised to Diana for saying that she was not beautiful. In this form, he made several controversial statements. This happened even after the PM told the top people in the party holding higher posts to keep the mouth shut and not give any opportunity to bash them. But Biplab continued his blah blah.
 Modi -Shah summon Biplab the CM
It looks like Modi and Shah will give him an earful of Gyan as to what should be said and what not. They might ask him to keep shut or else go home.



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