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Modi- Shah are non-animals

Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief said that Modi the PM and Shah the BJP chief are non animals. He was chiding at the way cat, dogs, mongoose were ganging up against Modi for the coming elections.

Rahul said that the country was being cheated by economic offenders like Nirav Modi and Mallya but Modi was unable to stop them from going out of the borders.

 Modi- Shah are non-animals
What kind of governance is this he questioned? Calling the entire opposition as animals ganging up against Modi, Rahul said only Pm Modi and BJP Chief Shah are non-animals. They consider all others as animals he said. That is way Amit Shah looks at this world, that is alright we don’t take it seriously Rahul stated.

There is complete financial mismanagement and collapse of the Government and no proper law and order Gandhi opined. He was confident that Karnataka people will elect the Congress party in the coming elections.



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