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Modi says, use social media

PM Narendra Modi who gets a rating on Twitter and FaceBook as popular man has asked his MPs to have a twitter account. Not only that he suggested them to have at least a  minimum of 3 lakh followers in general.

Modi and party Chief Amit Shah who held meetings with the MPs found out that some of them are not even on the Facebook. Shah also advised the MPs to be with the people in the constituencies and in regular touch with them.

 Modi says, use social media
After the debacle of two MPs in UP, the BJP is trying to be doubly cautious. They don’t want to lose the elections any further. But intellectuals like Arun Shourie have compared all these front makers as lilliputs. Shourie opined that 2019 will be for Modi and all others may not be able to work in Tandem and beat Modi.

Modi is a giant and others are Lilliput he described talking to a TV channel.
But all said and done the BJP is not taking it easy. Shah has shown his masterstroke while electing the RS members. He checked the alliance of SP-BSP ahead and saw to it that all the BJP Rs members got elected from UP.

One thing is clear that whoever forms a front without Congress may not succeed.



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