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Modi does not know what is love

JC Diwkar Reddy the TDP MP said that Modi the Prime Minister has no love for people. Since he has no family and children he does not know what is love and how it helps you, the senior politician from Andhra said. He was offended by the way the MPs were dragged away near the PMs house by the police.

If you know what is love and if you have a family you will know the suffering of the people stated JC. He was referring to the PM as PM is a lonely man with no children. He does not bother about his wife and sees his mother on birthdays.

Modi does not know what is love

Otherwise, Modi is a free man with no burden and also love. JC was referring to the way the CM of AP and the MPs were being ill-treated and not giving the special status to the state which was promised earlier. If Modi knows what is love he would resolve the miseries of public immediately he opined. He should adopt children bring them up and then he will definitely know what is love JC remarked.

He found fault with the Government and the Delhi police for treating the MPs so badly. That is not the way he said.



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