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Modi the LIe Lama

While Modi the Prime Minister is busy with Nepal tour down here in Delhi, some unidentified people have stuck posters depicting Modi as the Lie Lama. Means Mody is a lier. Rahul Gandhi said that Modi speaks lies and takes the people for a ride. Rahul said that Modi has the art of convincing people by speaking lies and opined that the PM never walked the talk.

The Delhi police have removed some of the posters and have registered case. They are investigating the case. The police are looking at the visuals on the CC Tv. But so far no one was identified for sticking these posters.

Modi the LIe Lama

It may be called that Manmohan the former PM was called as Mounamohan meaning the silent man. Now Modi is called the Lie Lama meaning a liar. Here Modi’s photo is in black and white and the writing in red with a white background. They are made in a small press at a cheaper price it looks like. The police have started looking for the place or press where they could have been possibly printed.



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