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Modi invites criticism- ready to compete

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he is always for a healthy criticism. In a democracy, criticism is required to correct things and do things in a right perspective. He was taking to the NRIs in Britain where he is on a four-day tour. He was answering a question and answer session along with presentation conducted by Prasoon Joshi.

Modi participated in the interaction for about two hours and the audience was spellbound his answers.

He said that answering allegations and sweeping remarks was of no use. He opined that the opposition must get the right facts before making allegations.

Talking about the rape cases and other issues, he suggested that the parents must correct the sons also along with the daughters. We question the daughters, but we don’t question the sons he reminded. He said India was always ready to answer Pakistan in the same coin and they did that in the form of surgical strikes.

Modi invites criticism- ready to compete

He asked the people to judge about the past term of the Government and the present term of the BJP Government and come to a conclusion. In every manner we have done better and developed the country in every sector he pointed out.

There is still scope for further development and he is ready to work hard for the people of India. He praised the efforts of the Jawans and Kisans in the development process. One must compete for betterment and improvement and not fight or derail others he explained.

Healthy competition is always good he opined.

He thanked the people for overwhelming support all the time. He pointed out Prince Charles wanted him to be there at the meeting of the Commonwealth heads and that was the reason he was here.

He pointed out people are looking at Indians and that is with Pride we are no less than others and are competing with grit he pointed out. Don’t look up or down and look into the eyes and do the job with sincerity and results will follow he explained.



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