Modi goes beyond KCR-Kitchen tiles Political Top Stories 

Modi goes beyond KCR-Kitchen tiles

Housing has been a hallmark scheme of any Government in power and they got votes with. But there were scams under the Congress regime with this schemes of housing. Some contractors have drawn bills even without constructing the houses.

When it comes to taking publicity from the schemes, the Congress has painted tricolour on the border of these houses.

  Modi goes beyond KCR-Kitchen tiles

KCR the Chief Minister of Telangana is also doing double bed room houses in a big way in the state of Telangana, but he not putting any color or logo on these houses. They are built completely free to the poor people and handed over. No contribution is taken from the beneficiaries. Lakhs and lakhs of houses are being built here.

Now when it comes to Madhya Pradesh here also PM housing scheme is taken up by the state government and the local government is also building houses.

 Modi goes beyond KCR-Kitchen tiles
But the point is they are using the kitchen tiles for the publicity. The kitchen tiles are inscribed with the photos of the Prime Minister Modi and also the photo of CM chauhan. They are writing the government slogan on the tiles.

But the Congress is opposing the move of the BJp Government saying that it was government money and they have no right to publicise their photos on the kitchen tiles.

But KCR is just talking about the double bed rooms and that is more than sufficient for them. No logos or photos are required. The scheme itself is taken as a model welfare scheme by other states. Even AP is doing this house construction for the poor.



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