Modi gets 60% for 3 years

As BJP plans to celebrate three years of the NDA government in a grand way, a survey shows that 61 percent people are happy with the Narendra Modi government.

The survey was conducted by LocalCirles and the results are based on over 2,00,000 votes collected from various parts of the country.

The BJP government at the Centre has something to worry about. Last year 18 percent of the people believed that the Centre had exceeded their expectations, whereas this year 17 percent opined the same.

Modi gets 60% for 3 years

About 81 percent of those who participated in LocalCircles survey said that PM Modi has improved India’s image in the international arena. Last year the support figure stood at 90 percent.

However, 64 percent of people backed New Delhi’s approach towards Pakistan.Last year 46 percent people opined that government performed on the expected lines, while this year it only around 44 percent citizens felt so.

39 percent of the people have spoken about their dissatisfaction with the government. Last year 36 percent had said government’s performance was below expectation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to kick off his government’s third-anniversary celebrations from Assam on May 26, as the BJP makes vigorous efforts to expand its presence in the north east.

The Modi government has reason to cheer as 59 percent believed that it will fulfill the promises made in the election manifesto.

65 percent of the citizens believed that government managed the Parliament effectively and took the Opposition along to clear key economic bills.

However, 66 percent of the people felt that cost of living and the prices of essential commodities have gone up in Modi’s 3-year rule.

In a major set back for the BJP government about 60 percent of the people who participated in the survey felt that crime against women and children has not come down. Only 38 percent participants said the same last year.

Also, only 35 percent believed that Swachh Bharat Abhiyan brought cleanliness.

63 percent participants felt that unemployment remains as it was earlier, while only 43 percent of the people felt so last year.

39 percent said that demonetisation said the bold move helped eradicate corruption. 51 percent of the particiapnts believed that demonetisation was a right decision, which helped in curbing black money.



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