Modi to get 270 seats in 2019?

A  latest survey indicated that Narendra Modi is the still popular leader and he will get more than 270 seats in the 2019 elections.There are some states which are a cause of concern to Modi -Sha Jodi but they will get a majority over the Congress combine in the near future. A congress combine will be formed but it cannot take on with the popularity of Modi. Karnataka has caused a slight dent for the Modi Image but it remains to be a temporary phenomenon.
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 In terms of vote share also, NDA is likely to obtain maximum vote share of 37 % while UPA will obtain 31 % and others 32 %. The survey points that NDA has pretty fair chances to touch the magic mark. Rajasthan Bad news also awaits for BJP in the region as people of the state are not happy with the administration of Vasundhara Raje led BJP Government which would result in benefitting the Congress party. Congress is going to reserve the maximum vote share of 44 % while BJP and others would secure 39 % and others 17 %. During the last assembly elections, the BJP reserved 45% vote share, Congress 33%, and others 22%.
Southern India – This region is of little concern for Modi Government as NDA is not showing a good show in the region while Congress-led UPA is registering a good performance. According to the survey in this region, UPA will win 67-75 seats, others 38-44 seats while PM Modi led NDA will be at the last position getting seats in the range of 18-22.
This survey is at this point in time and in politics everything is possible. It may change in a day. It may change overnight, but as of now, it is safe for Modi and BJP. It is a years time left and Modi will be in the campaign Mode from this 26th in the name of completing 4 years of his regime. 



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