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Modi challenges Rahul to talk for 15 minutes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today challenged Rahul Gandhi to talk for fifteen minutes without seeing any paper. Modi demanded that Rahul must speak on the development that the Congress has achieved in the Karnataka. Let him speak in English, Hindi or in Italy his mother tongue Modi challenged.

Answering to the challenge made by Rahul that Modi cannot stand or face him in the parliament for 15 minutes, Modi said that they are not Naamdars. The BJP people are Kaamdars, meaning they are working people. Yes, we have work to do and not sit before the Congress leaders Modi replied. In Karnataka, the Lokayukta is not safe and there is no law and order, the people are unhappy with the CM Siddaramaiah Modi pointed out.

Modi challenges Rahul to talk for 15 minutes

Talking about the elections, people said that there is a BJP wave here, but now I see a storm in Karnataka Modi explained. We will get more than the required majority and Yeddyurappa will be the next chief Minister Modi announced.

He said that the NDA Government initiatives are helping the farming community in Karnataka. There is no development by the Congress Government in Karnataka and let Rahul speak for 15 minutes on the development achieved here in Karnataka Modi demanded.

He is addressing 3 election rallies in Karnataka today and he will take the state by Storm with 15 meetings in all. The BJP is hopeful that the Modis campaign will make some difference and that they will get the required majority. As of now both the Congress and BJP are running neck to neck.



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