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Modi 3 rallies a day-the Poll of polls

The BJP will start the carpet bombing from today in Karnataka and Prime Minister Modi will do it. He has arrived in Karnataka and he will take part in 3 rallies a day for the next five days.

The needle is swinging towards the Congress and the Prime Minister has to put in all his strength to change the equations. He has done that before in Gujarat. Gujarat was slipping from the hands of BJP and finally, Modi had to save the boat from sinking in the last leg of his election campaign.

In the same fashions he has to do something, just pull off a miracle for saving the BJP in Karnataka. The JDS will be the Kingmaker and they are not looking at BJP now. Deve Gowda’s son is also the aspirant for the CMs post. It is learnt that whoever they support, they will demand the CMs post. They are in a position to get around 40 seats.

 Modi 3 rallies a day-the Poll of polls

It can be called as the poll of polls. The Telugu CMs Babu and KCR have given a call to the local Telugu population here not to vote for the BJP. While the other political parties are funding the Congress here, Gali Janardhan Reddy the mining baron has got many seats to contest here and he is pumping in maximum funds for the BJP.

Both the Congress and the BJP are neck to neck and JDS holds the key and will be the kingmaker. Will they go to the Congress or shift for the BJP, in the end, is to be seen.



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