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MLA Balaiah calls Modi a Kojja – Makkhi choos-gaddar-nammak haram

Balakrishna the relative of AP CM Chandrababu lost his control again and talked with the loose tongue against Prime Minister Modi.

Talking in a broken Hindi language, Balaiah said that Narendra Modi was doing Kojja (Trangender) politics. He also called in a Makkhi chose, meaning the sucking the fly removed out of tea. He opined that AP was suffering like a fly removed out of tea and that Modi was sucking the tea even from the fly which is already in trouble. He also called him Gaddar-nammak haram,

BJP MLC Ramachandra Rao has filed a case against Balaiah in OU police station here in Hyderabad.

But this is not the way an MLA should speak against the Prime Minister and it goes against the protocol. Balaiah almost lost his control and spoke in broken and it looked like a translation of Telugu. The BJP is already demanding an apology from Balakrishna on this issue.

This is also unparliamentary. Babu who was on a hunger strike was seen smiling when Balaiah was abusing the PM with the choice of his own words. This will have repercussions over himself and also on the AP CM as both of them related and Balaiah is a ruling party MLA. One can go to court against Balaiah.

 MLA Balaiah calls Modi a Kojja

Earlier Balaiah was in a soup when he talked about ladies in a film function. Later he apologised. Sometimes he talks in a haste unknowingly. Hitting out at Modi over special status is correct, but the format is worst and bad. Balaiah must mend his ways and set an example to the people of HIndupur. He is yet to respond to the industry issue of the casting couch.



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