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Men harassed in Tollywood by directors

Srireddy has hurled another bombshell on the director of Tollywood this time. The industry is already embroiled with the hungama of the casting couch. The ladies have made several complaints about the harassment and also ill-treatment in the industry.

While the ladies issue was looked into by appointing committees from the industry and also Government now Srireddy has alleged that young men are also being harassed by the big directors.

She alleged that they are homos and they use coconut oil in the act. Many of the industry and also outside the industry were shocked that the directors were being called homosexuals. She also added that one by one everyone would be exposed and that they will be dragged to the court of law. She has already appointed a lawyer for taking up her case and the cases of many ladies who were cheated and used in the industry in the name of giving them plum roles and remuneration.

She also added that Suresh Babu and the other big producers tried to settle her matter with the money and clarified that she is not craving for money and she wants justice for the ladies and that the working conditions of the ladies in the industry must improve.



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