Meghalaya goes the Goa way …

The Congress party is losing power in Meghalaya as they lost power in Goa to Parrikar. They had numbers in Goa also, but the could not muster enough numbers for ruling the state.

Rahul who is with his Nani in Italy said that “The Congress party respects the mandate of the people of Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya.

Meghalaya goes the Goa way ...
We are committed to strengthening our party across the North East and to win back the trust of the people.

My sincere thanks to each and every Congress worker who toiled for the party,” Gandhi said on Twitter.

The Congress lost Meghalaya and failed to score a single seat in Tripura and Nagaland. The party won 21 seats in Meghalaya, where it was in power, and could not garner the support of regional outfits to cobble together a coalition government.



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