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Mega family at film chambers

Led by Pawan Kalyan the heroes from the mega compound were at the film chambers office demanding action against RGV who is set to have influenced Srireddy to abuse Pawan Kalyna. Pawan Kalyan was in a black shirt and sat with advocates to take a decision on filing complaint against the RGV.

The fans of Pawan also followed him to film chambers. Chiranjeevi is also expected to join them it is reported. Nagababu, Sivabalaji were seen busy with the mobiles. Some lady artists also came to chambers in black dress expressing solidarity with Pawan. Allu Arjun was there with his crew cut style of his latest film Naperu Surya.

Mega family at film chambers

There are reports that Pawan might sit on a Deeksha here at chambers along with his mother, demanding an apology from RGV. But RGV shot back saying the industry does not mean only mega family. What was Aravind doing all these days he questioned?

Pawan may file cases against RGV and also some TV channels for instigating Srireddy. Cases against Mahaa, TV9 and ABN are expected.

But so far no decision was taken as yet and a lot of Hungama is going on at the Chambers. RGV, on the other hand, has already apologised to Pawan and his family over the abuse of Madarchot.



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