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They may not patch up

It looks like the BJP and the TDP are on a warpath and they may not patch up again. But in politics everything is possible. To fight a common enemy they can come together and there are many examples of that kind.

But here the war between Amit Shah the BJP chief and the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is growing bitter. Now that Babu has questioned the corruption of Amit Shah’s son it could be very difficult for them to bury the differences and come together.
ArumJaitely the Minister has been trying for a patch up while the local BJP leaders are blasting Chandrababu left and right .

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Since the BJP has used Pawan Kalyan to attack Lokesh, Babu has directly questioned about Jay’s corruption. Jay is the son of Amit Shah.
Soon PM Modi might also step in and launch an attack against the TDP if not on Babu directly. Babu is expecting the worst to happen in the name of corruption charges in the near future. He has already warned his leaders and party cadres not to give any other opportunity to the BJP.
With a year left for the election, it could be a multi-cornered contest in AP. Jana Sena- YSRC along with TDP will be the main players. But the BJP wants to become an alternative here. They said that might repeat Tripura here. The Congress is already marginalised.
It all depends on how Babu will keep his flock together.



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