Massive show by BJP on 6th Political Top Stories 

Massive show by BJP on 6th

The BJP is trying to show off its strength this Friday. It would be celebrating the party’s foundation day and Amit Shah would lead the rally and meeting. From booth level workers to MPs will join the meeting and they will be in lakhs it reported. People would come from different states for a massive show of strength.

The meeting will be held at Bandra Kural grounds. This is like kickstarting the campaign for the 2019 elections. People already have started coming to Mumbai and it will have workers numbering up to 3 lakhs it is reported. 50000 buses are being hired to bring them from various points to the venue in Mumbai. We can say Mumbai will be painted in saffron by the BJP on Friday.

Massive show by BJP on 6th

This could be one way to improve the sagging image of Modi and also the BJP in general. With the leaders harping on an alternative front and Dalits going against the Government Modi yesterday took a back step and has done away with the order against scribes on the Fake news.

But the political pundits and analysts have already come to a conclusion that the opposition would get divided in the name of fronts as some are against the BJP and some are against the BJP and the Congress.

People like Arun Shourie said Modi might make a comeback but may not hold the Gaddi for a long time after 2019. Demonetisation and GST have brought a lot of flak for Modi and it is time for the Government to make some corrections. Stopping the Aadhar linkage via courts was one smart move made by the Government.



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