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Marries 11-runs away with money

A sultry young Thai woman, over the course of about two years, convinced at least 11 different men to marry her.

Following Thai tradition, each man gave her a generous sum of money – a dowry – at which point she disappeared, the men told police.

Marries 11-runs away with money

From each husband, she collected between $6,000 and $30,000 before vanishing, using various excuses such as she had to return to her family’s home to deal with their fruit business or her horoscope advised her that it just wasn’t a good time to be married.

So convincing was this woman that she married four times in the month of August alone, police told local media. Initially, police reported that there were 12 complaining husbands, but later reduced the number to 11.Then she ran away from all of them with the money.



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