Maoists plot to kill Narendra Modi like Rajiv Gandhi…

A major plot to kill Prime Minister Modi has been planned by the Maoists. They wanted to kill Modi like the Rajiv Gandhi..There are allegations that the Maoists have been financed by the Congress party. “This is a major national security breach and is a case of misuse of the democratic system by those who are giving lectures on tolerance and intolerance. Therefore, we cannot take this lightly and we must get to the bottom of the letter.”Said Subrahmaniam Swamy the BJP MP.


Swamy said that the person who wrote the letter and the one who received it for killing the PM should be immediately taken into custody and has also demanded a multi-agency probe on the plan. He will also write to NSA Ajit Doval.“The person who wrote the letter and the one who received the letter or named should be taken under custody under National Security Act (NSA). Then an FIR should be registered for this murder conspiracy. Then these people who have been speaking for the Maoists should be interrogated,” he said.

But the lawyers of the arrested Maoists claimed that the letter could be fabricated.

rajiv gandi

The police said, “there is a mention in this seized communication that Modi has successfully established BJP government in more than 15 states, that if this pace continues, then it would mean immense trouble for the Maoist party on all fronts, and that they were thinking along the lines of another Rajiv Gandhi type incident… that targeting his roadshows could be an effective strategy”.

The Maharashtra police arrested 5 Maoist activists who were said to have had links with terrorists and naxals and plotted the Bhima Koregaon violence in January this year. The 5 people arrested were members of Elgaar Praishad Sudhir Dhawale, leader of Mumbai-based Republican Panthers Jati Antachi Chalwal (RP); Delhi-based activist Rona Wilson of Committee for Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP); Nagpur lawyer Surendra Gadling of Indian Association of People’s Lawyers (IAPL); Nagpur University professor Shoma Sen; and Mahesh Raut, a former Prime Minister’s Rural Development (PMRD) Fellow.



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