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How many cups of green Tea ?

People say green tea is the best drink. But how many cups is the question? Anything in excess is bad. So it implies to Green Tea also.

This Green Tea is not all that green and it has Caffeine like the regular coffee and other brews. This is excess can cause damage to the body. One cup of tea gives to 20 grams of Caffeine on an average. So must check this. If it goes beyond limit your body will invite troubles.

How many cups of green Tea ?

The Tea has aluminium and excess will mean that you are taking metals into your body with risk. This could lead to neurological diseases. It also has the lead like our Maggi. This not good for women and they may have miscarriages in the process.

This tea can stop the absorption of other oxidants which are needed for the body. So balancing the intake of green tea is very much essential.



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