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Many acts of our politicians

In the name of the special status, AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu has taken out a cycle rally which is the symbol of TDP. He was on the cycle with a black badge. It was good to see a man at that in the post of CM riding a cycle with ease. That is his stamina.

YSRC MPs have resigned to Lok Sabha giving a jolt to the BJP Government. Jagan is still trying to complete his marathon Pada Yatra blaming Chandrababu day in and day out.

Many acts of our politicians

From the other side Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena Chief is touring in a car and waving to the crowds. All these politicians are doing all kinds of acts just for the sake of coming elections.

Now the BJP in AP is waiting for an opportunity to something or the other for projecting themselves for the next elections. The BJP says it would come to power in Andhra and Telangana which is just a pipe dream.

The MLAs of YSRC are not going to Assembly, now the MPs will not go to Parliament and Jagan will walk on the streets. We can say the act of MPs resigning for the parliament will have a good impact on the public. Now it is for TDP to follow them. What will they do has to be seen in the near future.

Many acts of our politicians

One thing good they have done is resigning to the Ministries in the NDA Government. Today our drama Rao Sivaprasad the TDP MP was seen in the act of Vishwamitra. While some parties were striving for No confidence motion Sivaprasad is making news on daily basis by changing the attires. He is on National news bites daily with his strange acts.

With elections approaching fast we have to see more of these dramas and acts from the politicians for the sake of votes and winning the elections.



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