Manmohan Singh should get the NOC now

Anupam Kher who was happy by playing as the rubber stamp PM is in trouble now. He is bothered that the film could be stopped by Censor board. They require a NOC from the former PM and also the present AICC chief it is reported.

A film on the life of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher in lead role, titled ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ was recently announced. It seems that the Censor Board has already issued a cautionary warning to makers even before the shoot commenced.

Manmohan Singh should get the NOC now

Censor Board chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani has now divulged that makers will have to first and foremost obtain no-objection certificate (NOC) from Manmohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and all the other real-life politicians whose characters would be portrayed in the film. He cautioned that the film may have to face hurdles clearing the CBFC without the NOCs.

Now, the question is, will the aforementioned people give NOCs? Would it matter if they don’t give NOCs? Afterall the film will show the PM in the bad light and would suggest that he was mislead by Sonia and others and he was used as a rubber stamp.

It may be noted that the film is an adaptation of Sanjay Baru’s controversial book “The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh”.

Manmohan Singh should get the NOC now

When neither Manmohan nor Gandhi could stop the book from releasing, how can they create roadblocks for the film? Well, the answer is simple, the book didn’t have to pass the Censor Board and its reach was far limited compared to its silver screen adaption.

The movie in fact has attracted media attention since a pro-BJP Kher is essaying the former Congress PM. If it releases the congress will definitely have adverse effect and also on the image of Sonia Gandhi. It will surely depict as to how the PMs office and PM was mislead and misused by the Congress party and top leaders of the Congress.



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