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Manmohan praises Telangana

Former Prime Minister Manmohan sing today praised the TRS Government under the leadership of K Chandrasekhar Rao for developing Telangana in every aspect. RS members met Manmohan Singh under the leadership of K Kesava Rao, Santosh Kumar and others. They explained to him on the welfare measures being taken up by the Government since last 4 years.

Manmohan Singh was happy to note that the irrigation facilities and drinking water facilities were developed here. He also came to know about the double bedroom housing scheme. Manmohan Singh also praised the efforts of KCR in extending the welfare measure to the majority of the people.The RS members also told him that the schemes were being studied and implemented by other states also. They told him about the agriculture input being extended by the Government to the farming community.

Manmohan praises Telangana

The new members of RS from Telangana also met other leaders in the Parliament and they were greeted by others.



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