Manmohan complaints -Mody is stooping low Political Top Stories 

Manmohan complaints -Mody is stooping low

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh along with some other Congress leaders had made a formal complaint to the President of India Kovind against Prime Minister Modi. Manmohan Singh in writing said that it was unbecoming on the part of a PM to threaten the people and the Congress leaders.

Manmohan complaints -Mody is stooping low

He said that if the Congress people don’t mend the ways they have to pay for it. Because this is Modi. Manmohan has asked the President Kovind to suggest Modi mend his ways and that this was not a right thing in the democracy.

Manmohan sing opined in his letter to the President that no Prime Minister so far in office has stopped low like the present Modi. That was not the language to be a used by any Priem Minister Manmohan the former PM opined.
We will not be cowed down by such threats Manmohan stated. He said that the threats issued to the Congress leadership have to be condemned and this is unacceptable Manmohan said.

Manmohan complaints -Mody is stooping low

Modi represents crores of people and he should not use such words of threatening Manmohan opined. He wanted the President to Intervene and suggest Modi behave like a PM.



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