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Mangoes are very healthy

This is summer so its mango time. Mangoes are seasonal fruits and they have all the medicinal qualities. It’s not just sugary and tasty but also has nutrients. People think eating mangoes will gain weight. But in reality, they are fat-free, cholesterol free and are super for summer.

If one eats mangoes in limit then they might help in losing weight also. Mango has vitamin C,A,Iron copper and a lot of potassium that is good for the body.

Mangoes are very healthy

Mangoes after dinner are bad it adds to calories and weight. It is better in the evenings. Mangoes are very good for eyes. It prevents night blindness and dry eyes.

Green mangos juice helps prevent the heat. One will not exhaust easily when you have mango juice. The immune system gets a boost and prevents the body from falling sick.

eating mangoes will gain weight

Eat mangoes and cut down the other food if you want to be in shape. The extra calories will definitely increase your weight so one must keep a check on the quantity and quality that you eat.

Even mango pickle made during summer should be taken in limited quantities as it is very spicy and hot.The pickle is popular and it comes in sweet, sour, hot and all other forms of taste. One must take it as a side tasting dish along with curd or dal. Anything in excess is very bad for health.



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