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Manchu Vishnu blasts MAA

Manchu Vishnu actor and the son of Mohan Babu found fault with the attitude of MAA executive members. He said that it was not right on their part to say No to Srireddy first and then come to terms later. The image of MAA has taken a severe dent in this episode he opined.

SivajiRaja and others must have consulted some elders over the matter before banning Srireddy he opined. Banning first and then saying sorry was not correct he opined.

He wanted to know about the structure of MAA and the rules and regulations of functioning apart from its day to day affairs he asked. He was unhappy with the attitude of some of the members of MAA. One side decisions should not be taken he stated.

Manchu Vishnu blasts MAA

It may be noted that when Srireddy asked for the card did a naked dharna, the banned her and ordered that no one should work with her. Later they withdrew the diktat passed and said that she can work with all of them and gave her the membership card.

Then the President of MAA faced allegations that he was involved in the casting couch.

On the other hand, the movie of Vishnu -Aachary America yatra is due for release.



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