Man hacked to death in Kadapa

It looks like there is no law and order in AP.In the middle of a busy street in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadapa today, a 32-year-old man was killed by two men armed with a machete, while a crowd watched from a safe distance, some filming the crime on their mobile phone. The killers, who had a personal dispute with the man, later turned themselves in.

Maruti Reddy was on his way to court when the two men, believed to be brothers, attacked him and pulled him out of the auto-rickshaw. Mr Reddy tried to run but fell.
Man hacked to death in Kadapa
In deeply disturbing visuals caught on CCTVs, one man holds him down while the other man repeatedly strikes him with a machete. Reddy was struck 11 times – the killer didn’t stop even when he went still.

Scores of people on both sides of the road simply watched as the man was hacked to death, a few hundred yards from a court. When the killers were done, they walked away. Only then was the crowd seen reacting and some people ran towards the bloodied body.  But there were many who kept filming the incident.

The two attackers have surrendered. The police said Mr Reddy’s sister was in a relationship with the brother-in-law of the killers and there was a dragging feud between the two families over this. Local police clarified that there was no political or factional fight behind the gruesome incident.



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