Mamatha Didis ire at lady DGP

When the other VIPs and CMs walked to Vidhana Soudha for Gowdas oath-taking ceremony, our Mamatha Didi had a tiff with the lady DGP of Karnataka and not only that she complained to the CM and CMs father here openly on the dais.

The lady DGP, could not do anything but saluting Mamatha and leaving the dais.

The DGP was drafted to accompany Mamata and while she was escorting, there was traffic jam all around and Mamatha was asked to walk a little distance. Mamatha could not digest this and gave the women DGP left and right on the traffic and that she was made to walk.

If a lady CM cannot tolerate another lady, then who will protect the officers. Kejriwal happily walked and all other VVIPs walked to the dais at Vidhan Soudha. But our didi showed all her intolerance against a lady officer who has a good name. Now she has been transferred by our new CM Gowda which was completely wrong.

 Mamatha  karnataka

Mamatha showed her arrogance which was completely uncalled for. What can the DGP do, when all the VVIPs from across the country come to the venue at the same time? She cannot stop others for didi. She was drafted to take care of didi and Mamatha could not tolerate her.

Poor DGP had no other option but to go on a transfer. That is the reason people say a lady is an enemy to other lady and they cannot keep quiet for some time. Mamatha is usually known for picking up some quarrel or the other wherever she goes. Preaching others and complaining has been her habit from the beginning.

You cannot expect anything more from her. At least now she can call up Gowdas and see that the lady DGP is posted back.



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