Mamatha didi has her own doubts about Rahul Political Top Stories 

Mamatha didi has her own doubts about Rahul

The West Bengal chief Minister Mamatha Banerjee said that Rahul can give his opinion and aspiration there was nothing wrong in wanting to become the PM for India. On the other hand, the Facebook is full of postings that Mamatha would be the Prime Minister for 2019 and that was the reason she was trying for an alternative front.

It is reported that even KCR the Telangana CM was of the opinion that Mamatha could become the lead for the next elections. Mamatha and Maya in the name of ladies are being projected as the next Prime Ministers of the country.

Mamatha didi has her own doubts about Rahul

On the other hand, did has her own doubts about the victory of Congress in Karnataka. She said that the Congress should have talked to JDS first before the polls and should have come to an understanding.

Now it is too late and that it could be any body’s game. Rahul can become the PM only if the Congress becomes the single largest party. She is of the opinion that the Congress may not get the required majority. The Congress can never have a majority of its own she said.



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