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Mahesh refuses to be a Mechanic

Arjun Reddy has been a blockbuster and is now it is being made in Hindi by the same director Sandeep Vanga. Vanga earlier got the opportunity to meet Mahesh Babu and he narrated a storyline to Mahesh. They said Mahesh agreed to do the movie with Vanga. But the latest is that Vanga is busy with Hindi version of Arjun Reddy as Mahesh has postponed the movie with Vanga.

Not only that the super duper result of BAN has forced Mahesh to ask Vanga to rework on the storyline,
Here the hero is a mechanic with a rugged look. Mahesh agreed for the same but wants Vanga to rework and do some changes here and there. This will take some time and both Mahesh and Vanga are not free now. Both have agreed for different projects and it will take them some more time to come together.

Mahesh refuses to be a Mechanic

It might take another one year or Vagna might get someone from Bollywood for the same if the Hindi Arjun Reddy becomes a hit. But Vanga was very keen that Mahesh would give him dates. As of now, Mahesh is with Vamsi Paidipally and next, it will be Sukumar.

Moreover, Rajamouli is getting with a big budget movie for Mahesh and that is the story of Chatrapati Sivaji. If this materialises then Vanga will have to wait for some more time. Working with Mahesh is easy, but getting dates is very difficult.



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