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Mahesh copied KTR style in BAN

While Jagan and other political leaders claimed that Bharat Ane Nenu was inspired by them, Mahesh Babu the hero of BAN revealed that the director Koratala explained to him that he should behave like KTR the Son of KCR in the movie. Mostly you must be like KTR when he is moving outside in the field Koratala explained Mahesh.

That is what Mahesh revealed during an interaction along with KTR in the presence of Koratala. KTR praised both Mahesh and Koratala for taking up the theme and presenting the same in reality. During his interaction with KTR, Koratala the director said that he was interested in becoming an MLA to honestly serve the people.

KTR also said that the liked the concept of moving the power and governance to the doorstep of the people. The self-governance concept presented by the movie is right and good he stated.

Mahesh copied KTR style in BAN

But there was a question to both Mahesh and KTR of the roles were reversed. KTR said that he would go on a holiday like Mahesh.

Mahesh said doing a movie as a politician itself was difficult and then, in reality, it would be very difficult. So Mahesh also wants to go on a holiday with KTR if possible. People in Telangana feel that most of the theme of the BAN was copied from the works of KCR and style of KTR. It may be noted that the traffic rules have been made very strict in the recent times in Telangana.



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