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Mahesh becomes emotional- ready to weep

Mahesh Babu is on a promotion spree. He is enjoying it. He is so happy that last 10 days he has been travelling length and breadth of the state, visiting temples thanking people so on and so forth. Mahesh is openly saying that he is emotional and one can see the layers of tears in his eyes. You can call them the tears of joy.

Mahesh becomes emotional- ready to weep
He is hugging technicians, the director his family members and friends time to time. The happiness is continuing. Last two movies were made with high expectations and they ended up as big disasters. He could not come out and face people. Except for the shootings it was like hiding for him.

Now he is going all around, unable to control the crowds. Its all smiling and enjoying. He is becoming so modest and openly praising the director and music director all the time and thanking the people for making BAN a great success. He was in doubt if this BAN would be a hit.His wife namratha with tears gave him the news early in the morning basing on the report from USA.

 Mahesh becomes emotional- ready to weep
Now he is in a high and just promoting the film left and right no holds bar.

He is gearing up for a new rustic look for his movie with Dil Raju. Mahesh openly is saying that he is so happy that he is unable to express it.



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