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Maharaja may close down Shutters

We are talking about Air India. If the disinvestment plans dont work out then there is no doubt that the Air India might close down. The Government has tried its level best to keep it flying but things are not going ahead. First, the Government thought it fit to sell the Air India when Ashoka Gajapathi was the Minister. But it was put on hold. There was a talk of Privatisation and that Tatas will be taking over Air India, but that did not happen.

Maharaja may close down Shutters

Now an assessment is going on about the disinvestment and if it clicks then the Government could wash away its hand from Air India as it has become a white elephant. They are unable to make a turnaround. Gajapathi tried his level best but could not succeed. By this time the bidding time will be over for the said disinvestment.

It has been planned to disinvest 76 percent of the Government stake in Air India. It might take another month to finalise the deal and if does not go through then the Maharaja will down the shutters for the Airline and many of the lawmakers will have to depend on the private airlines for their travel.

Maharaja may close down Shutters

The problem with this airline is that whoever takes the responsibility will have to make huge investments for several years to make a turnaround and then become viable. After that comes the profits. If the player loses the steam and then there is no other way but to shut down.



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