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Mahanati is a soft killer

Like Savithri the move Mahanati has become a soft killer. No one is able to ignore this movie. Kirti Suresh got overnight stardom and it will remain her life. People like Chiranjeevi have felicitated tea and Allu Aravind has hosted a special dinner party for the unit. What more can the director Nag Ashwin expect? It will definitely get awards both at the state and also at the centre.

Chiranjeevi has given an offer to Nag Ashwin. He wants to do a Pathalabhairavi like senior NTR. The director is thrilled to pieces. Like BAN, Mahanati is also winning accolades from all the quarters and the audience are crying in the theatre that is after a long time. These days you don’t cry in the movies, you have forgotten it a long time back.

Mahanati is a soft killer

Despite making any publicity blitz, the movie has gained a lot of mileage in all the languages and is running to packed houses. The Content is good and it has been proved beyond doubt that the story is the heart of the picture. Selecting Keerthi Suresh for the role of Savithri is the masterstroke that Nag Ashwin had played.

This director is here to stay and has a long way to go. Being the relative of Ashwini Dutt he will have support from all the quarters and can make many good movies in the near future.

Mahanati should be kept in the archives safely as it has got the history of Mahanati Savithri.



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