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Mahabharat and Muslims

The topic on Mahabharat with Aamir has generated a lot of controversy on the social media. Someone said how can a Muslim portray the role of Sri Krishna?

Others also asked Ambani as to why should he finance a movie with Rs 1000 crore for a Muslim? There are people who were curious to know about the other roles and who were the actors involved.

Someone else asked if it was Karna or Srikrishna by Aamir. But Javed Akhtar the director defended Aamir as an actor.


Javed Akhtar

Replying to @fgautier26 and 5 others
You scoundrel, have you not seen peter brooks production of this great epic Mahabharata in France . I would like to know which foreign agency is paying you to spread this kind of perverse and poisonous thoughts in our country
Another tweet also questioned the government of Narendra Modi if they would allow Aamir to be a Srikrishna. Then he also asked if Muslims would allow a Hindu to play the role of a Mohammed.

This all started with Randhamazum being adopted to Mahabharata with Bheema played by Mohanlal as the central character. There was a lot of Hungama around this.

Then came this Rajamouli of Baahubali announcing on Mahabharata in two parts.

Now Aamir and Ambai talk about another Mahabharata. We have to see who will succeed first and come up with a new Mahabharata.



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