“Madar cho” has buried casting couch issue? Cinema Specials Top Stories 

“Madar cho” has buried casting couch issue?

Abusing Pawan Kalyan as Madra chod in the style of Arjun Reddy has buried the casting couch issue and Srireddy has lost the sympathy in the process. Now the filmi people and media are foisting cases on each other.

The state government has appointed a committee to look into the issue. The best way of diluting the issue and postponing the issue is to appoint a committee. The discussion will take place and the solution will come after a long time.

Now there are allegations that Srireddy also trapped some people for roles and survival. Suresh the father of Abhiram also said that law will take its own course and he does not want any mediation.

"Madar cho" has buried casting couch issue?

No one tried to get the version of Abhiram. Koratala and Kona said that she was framing them and unnecessarily dragging their names. Vaakada also did not agree with any of the allegations. He said that there was some conspiracy behind the allegations.

Nagababu said he alone can take on this issue. Pawan discussed with a group of advocates.RGV the director agreed that he instigated Srireddy against Pawan.Pawan said TDP is using Channels against him and Janasena.

So the real issue has got derailed in the process and no one talks about the casting couch.It has become an issue between RGV and Pawan Kalyan.

Allu Aravind called RGV an intelligent crook. Minister Srinivas Yadav said that the issue will be settled. Srireddy does not want any compensation. Then where is the issue going is the real question. We can say that RGV has misguided Srireddy and she overreacted by calling Pawan a madar chod which was uncalled for and she lost the plot as well as the sympathy of the people on the issue.

Now everyone wants proof of casting couch and it cannot be provided. Only people will tell and they will go down as allegations. It looks as if the issue is between RGV and Mega family.

"Madar cho" has buried casting couch issue?





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