MAA bows to Srireddy – XXXmaterial with Sri? Cinema Top Stories 

MAA bows to Srireddy – XXXmaterial with Sri?

The episode of Abhiram has shaken the film industry and MAA is withdrawing its words. Srireddy has openly told on TV what Abhiram did with her in Ramanaidu studio. She also revealed What Kona Venkat did to her in the Guesthouse.

The National Human Rights Commission, on the other hand, has issued notices to the state and centre to look into the issue to prevent the exploitation of the women in the industry.

On the Other, the big people who exploited her are shivering and MAA has come to terms with her saying all the 900 members can work with Srireddy but the producers have the right to chose whomever they want from across India depending on their own requirements. There are other ladies also who are agreeing with Srireddy and vouching for her.

MAA bows to Srireddy - XXXmaterial with Sri?

Two top producers and directors having a big name in the Tollywood are shit scared that she might come up with sexplosive material that she has been threatening about. Industry circles who are against the big people are happy that Srireddy is giving them sleepless nights. On the other hand, Teja the director has failed to convince Srireddy. It is learnt that Suresh Productions has deployed Teja to negotiate with Srireddy.

One Telugu Channel is after Srireddy to give them the tapes so that they can increase the TRP in no time.

But SriReddy is holding them for the best reasons known to her. She should be happy that the so-called guys from MAA have come to terms with her. Who knows someone might take her as the leading lady to keep her busy by paying a big remuneration and take the tapes back as barter.

But people say Srireddy is financially good and not that bad. She has got some interest in real estate business it is learnt. It looks like the big people involved with her and who abused her and used her might go for a compromise in the form of paying her adequately. The way she chided at DilRaju calling him as Shani for the film industry shows it all.

The so-called group of 4 may not control the industry any further and the UV creations is doing much better than Dil Raju. Dil Raju lost Rangasthalam to UV and they are minting money.



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